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I Want to Be an Artist

Updated: May 13, 2021

Pursue Your Dreams

A little over a year ago I had a sudden desire to pursue being an artist. I say, "sudden", but this feeling has shown up many times during my lifetime. Over the years, I pushed the desire aside, telling myself that is was a waste of my time and energy because I couldn't ever make it into a career. I did not want to spend my time on the craft show circuit, spending countless hours working and making very little money for my efforts. This time the desire was different, or maybe the timing was right. I treaded lightly and subscribed to a publication called, In Her Studio. It arrived during the Holidays in 2019 and I gave it to myself for Christmas. On that sunny afternoon, I devoured the information displayed on the pages and it confirmed what I already knew, that being an artist and dipping into my creativity was a path that I needed to pursue.

The decision to follow this path opened so many doors for me this past year. Taking a deep dive into figuring out what it takes to be an artist and how to make a living doing it has pushed me outside my comfort zone and allowed me to get to know myself better. I had to tap into my thoughts and examine my limiting beliefs about being an artist, an entrepreneur, making money and pursuing my dreams. I had to teach myself how to believe new things, show up for myself, and give myself permission to bloom. I had to get clear on what makes me happy

and make the decision to face my fears in order to live a more intentional life. I now know that investing in myself allows me to invest in others. In listening to other artists and entrepreneurs tell their stories, I have realized that I am not alone on my journey. We are all unique and have a story to tell. This website and blog are a chance for me to share my work and to connect with other budding artists. I want to share my journey in hopes of helping you along with yours. I would love to hear your story. Where are you now and where do want to go?

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