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Combat Perfectionism

Combating perfectionism requires a shift in mindset, recognizing that mistakes and failures are integral parts of the creative process. Embracing your creativity means allowing yourself the freedom to experiment, take risks, and learn from the outcomes. By releasing the shackles of perfectionism, you open the door to boundless possibilities, where every idea, regardless of its initial outcome, contributes to your growth as a creative individual.

Shifting your mindset to embrace your creativity involves cultivating resilience and learning from mistakes and failures. Instead of viewing errors as setbacks, consider them as valuable lessons on your creative journey. Understand that missteps are not indicators of your worth or talent but rather stepping stones toward improvement. Creativity thrives in an environment where experimentation and risk-taking are encouraged.

In order to shift your mindset start by setting realistic expectations for yourself. Understand that not every creative endeavor needs to be flawless from the outset. Allow yourself the freedom to explore ideas without the burden of immediate success. Start small, take manageable risks, and gradually expand your creative boundaries. When mistakes occur, view them as opportunities for growth rather than reasons for discouragement. Reflect on what went wrong, what you learned, and how you can apply those lessons in future creative endeavors.

Sometimes setting realistic expectations for myself is having no expectations and allow myself to just play.  That is how I developed my abstract watercolors.  I tried a few tutorials trying to make watercolor flowers and found it was harder than it looked and I really did not like the way my flowers turned out.  I was a bit frustrated so I decided to just make marks on the page with my different brushes to get a feel for how they laid the paint down on the paper.  I had a blast experimenting and fell in love with the process. It also made me feel incredibly free.  It made me realize how perfectionism can keep us imprisoned.  It can keep us from finding joy, it can keep us small, and it can keep us from realizing our true potential.

I encourage you to surround yourself with a supportive and encouraging environment. Seek feedback from others who appreciate the creative process and understand that constructive criticism is a valuable tool for improvement. Embrace collaboration and the diversity of thought that comes with it. Engaging with a community of like-minded individuals can provide insights, encouragement, and a sense of shared experience.

Take a deep look at your life and see if you can find where perfectionism may be holding you back.  The first step in making any change in your life is being aware.  Only when we are aware of perfectionism, can we see if it is serving us or not.  Let me know where you see perfectionism holding you back from your goals.

Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog! Be sure to check it out each week on Tuesday.  Next week, I’ll be writing about abstract art; what it is and some of its perks.  Be sure to get my free list, 10 Benefits of Creativity  that I made for you to learn about the benefits of creativity.

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