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These abstract watercolors were constructed using an intuitive approach to color and balance.  I hope they inspire you to use your imagination and find meaning in the myriad of brush strokes, dabs, and dribbles.  

6"x9" on Cold Press Watercolor Paper

Summer Fun web.jpg

Summer Fun

Summer Profusion web.jpg

Summer Profusion

Sea Wind web.jpg

Sea Wind

Pink Bloom web.jpg

Pink Bloom

Sea Glass web.jpg

Sea Glass

Moss Fantasy web.jpg

Moss Fantasy

 Jungle Escape web.jpg

Jungle Escape

Glowing Embrace web.jpg

Glowing Embrace

Desert Dream web.jpg

Desert Dream

Garden Jewels web.jpg

Garden Jewels

Creek Bed web.jpg

Creek Bed

Into the Water web.jpg

Into the Water

Blue Jungle web.jpg

Blue Jungle

Moody Blues web.jpg

Moody Blues

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